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Why should I take time to recover?

Posted by RuyM on January 19, 2018
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I am a big advocate of taking time to rest, recover and spend time other than doing our regular business, work or entrepreneur duties… Time to rest and enjoy.

Recovery time allows you to renew and re-energize. You expend a lot of time and energy working every day, and sleep time will recover some of that energy. But sleep won’t necessarily will help restore the energy, mental power and /or the creativity you need to return to your business fully energized. That’s what recovery time allows you to do. A break from everything, time that disconnects you from the everyday stress and instead its utilize to do something for you.
Time for yourself, your family, your friends, hobbies, or even just laidback and catch up on your personal to do list… The opportunity to rest your mind and body; time to expand your awareness of new technologies, systems and productivity. Time to reflect and understand the elements that affect your life, your values, relationships and priorities.

So how would you spend this weekend? Here are a few useful ideas:

  1.  Organize or Back Up your digital content.  Our lives are often so pre-occupied with work, that sometime we neglect to organize or back-up our  personal information or content.  Take time this weekend to get more organized, or simply back-up your personal online content.  Take advantage of our gift from – Online Cloud Storage – Get Started.
  2. Automate your Savings.  As an #Entrepreneur, #SmallBiz owner and/or StartUp manager, we constantly dealing with bills, invoices, collections, etc…  And sometimes we neglect to take time to maximize our savings.  With today’s technology automating your savings and savings contributions is a simple click away.  Take time this weekend and set up an automated saving account, which automatically will  collect your extra change and invest it smart for you.  Take advantage of our gift from – Automated Investment – Get Started.
  3. Reading a book can help you disconnect from your daily stress.  It can also help you learn, improve or even take you to imaginable places.   Take advantage of  theses great books  by – Online Retailer – Get Started.
  4. If you just want to laidback and do nothing, just simply enjoy some good TV, Movie or Series catch up.  Take advantage of  theses great products from – Online Retailer – Get Started.

Enjoy, Happy #LaidBackFridays

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