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What’s the Big Idea?

Getting an idea for your business, its not as hard as you think.

Many people think it’s “An Impossible Task” to start your own business.  As a serial entrepreneur who successfully runs 4 business, I often get asked “How do you do it?, I have no idea what to do?, or cant do it!.”

Most people are confused with the belief of having to start from scratch or they need to know everything about ruining a business before getting started.  Some have the belief, they have to come up with a great invention or product.

Great news, no need to reinvent the wheel! Unless of course if you are a genius trying to make a difference or change a scientific development.  Then do not worry about it…  Most people who want to start their own business just have to answer 1 simple question; “How can I do something better?” or ” What added value can I bring to the market?”.  One of the best ways to getting started, is doing something you already know, or a talent you were born with…

I am not saying its easy to begin a business.  But it is not impossible either.  It takes time, dedication and motivation.  It is a step by step process and a common-sense procedure.  So take it one step at a time.


First figure out what you want to do.  Once you have the idea, share it with people to find out what they think.   Ask them questions, information and thoughts about your idea.

Understand that many will not encourage you to be an entrepreneur.  Some will even discourage it.  Some will tell you they done it and failed.  But you cant allow these negative comments, discourage you from continuing and stop your journey before it begins.

Understand, starting a business can also be risky, but what isn’t risky in today’s society?  You cannot allow the fear of risk stop you from reaching your entrepreneur dreams.

So determining what you want to do is just the beginning.  You’ve still got a lot more work to do, But do something, and get started today.  The longer you wait, the more you will end up losing.

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