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The Importance of Recovdery Time

Posted by RuyM on September 11, 2018
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It is good to be back…. After a month off, I must say, more than ever I truly believe in the importance of taking time to recover.   You can read more about Recovery Time here.

We live in a very dynamic life… we are face with constant changes, challenges, urgencies, emergencies and so much more…  And if we are not performing at our optimum levels, we can easily make mistakes we other wise wouldn’t.

After a much need it recovery time… I must say my goals, plans, commitment and motivations have increased by 100%!!!  It is so important to take time off away from everything, and just take time to reflect, analyse, observe the hard work and accomplishments you have made.  Take time to analyse, plan, observe new future opportunities.  Reflect on your accomplish goals, and analyse your future goals to make sure you are still on track.  In a dynamic life, you have to have dynamic goals.    Recovery time can assist in:

  • Viewing your current project with a rested and fresh mind, can help see or resolve current pending issues.
  • Make necessary changes, otherwise over looked by a stressed mind.
  • Take time to view, create, observe new opportunities.
  • Make adjustments, changes, new tasks to long term goals.

Always make sure to take time for you!!!!  Remember we only live in this life once…  And every second spent, we will never recover it…. so spend it wisely…..

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