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The Evolution Race of Real Estate

Posted by RuyM on June 15, 2018
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If you have been following me or any of my corporations for a while, you will soon notice that I am huge in automation and delegation.   And since I founded my Real Estate brokerage Firm Real Estate Group, LLC aka back in 2012, my main focus has been to revolutionize the traditional real estate brokerage.  To disrupt the way of traditional transactions, by implementing online technology and automated systems to increase efficiency.   Constantly improving on our CRM, Agent CE & Listing Portals to increase office efficiency and automation.  Transforming a traditional real estate brokerage into an online PaaS [Platform As A Service].   A business model focus on the automation and delegation of real estate transaction completely online…

As an entrepreneur, CEO or REI of my corporations, sometimes the fear factor kicks in when making a decision.  You wonder if the decision your about to take is the right one.  If it is the best course for the future of your business.

This is the reason, why I write the post today and why I strongly believe we should always believe in your ideas and goals.  Sure, some decisions might not be the right ones all the time, but I guarantee you will learn a valuable lesson from it.  After reading article from Real Trends, Peter Gilmour.  The decision I took as a mission for our real estate brokerage, once more gets reinforce.

Per the article, Real Estate PaaS like & are in the rise…. As Technology increases, more and more brokerages are adapting new business models…

As I read the article, I notice how unique and the value brings to the table…  As it combines several of these new business models into one.   Creating a great opportunity for growth and expansion.

So, go out and take a chance, it might be the one you regret you didn’t take!


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