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Stuck on a Sales Slump?

Posted by RuyM on October 5, 2018
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If you are in sales. You sometimes run into a slumps… Breaking out of them can be difficult, but not impossible. It will just take dedication and commitment.
Start small, and increase tasks as need it. Make one prospecting task a priority and stay on it each day. Organize and structure your day, week and month. This will help move past the excuses that get on the way of renewed success. Keep track of your goals and hold your self accountable or get an accountability partner!.

Getting Started:
1- Clean your work space. Your store, office, hoffice, cubical, desk or desktop.
2- Set your goals and work backwards on how to reach them. Visualize your new goal and purpose.
3- Execute, track and adjust.

Taking Action:
1- Locate your local Chamber of Commerce.
2- Participate in next Chamber of Commerce Networking group meeting.
3- Take business cards and share with key business that you can do alliances to work together in mutual business opportunity and business.
4- To each person you give a business card, schedule a meeting at their office or place of business.
5- The day after the meeting, follow up with a call and email, to confirm schedule meeting.
6- The day of the meeting, call and email to confirm meeting. Bring a gift for the office or work place [Donuts, Fruit Basket, Lunch, etc…].
7- Find out how your business can bring value to their business.
8- Create an alliance with commitment, mutual goals and hold each other accountable.
9- Do the same with all other business you share business cards with.
10- Repeat the same system for 3 months. Your business will be back and running like never before…

Useful Resources:
Citrix – Podio
Waveapps – Wave
Evernote – Evernote

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