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Should you use a Realtor?

Posted by RuyM on January 3, 2019
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Should you use a Realtor or a licensed real estate agent/broker? Well I guess the answer will be would you go to court with no attorney or even do your own taxes? Your answer might by yes, but the truth is majority of the population wouldn’t.

Many beginning investors try to sell a property without a real estate agent broker or realtor to save money on commissions. They also neglect to include the required commissions in their estimate of cost for the property.

During my competitive real estate broker days at, I used to love assisting investor clients. They are easy to work with, since the relationship is usually easy, since the goals are clear. No emotional transactions or confused buyers on what they wanted. A mutual beneficial relationship which can assist a rookie agent get knowledge and experience in the world of real estate investing.

If you are selling a property retail to an owner occupant, failing to use an agent is a mistake. In fact majority of the sellers I used to assist in helping sell their properties had tried selling by them selves.

I know, most real estate agents do not aggressively market properties; but that is where doing a little bit of homework will help. Also, find an agent you like to work with who is willing to give you a discount for recurring business and help you find great deals.

One of the major reasons to use a real estate agent or broker, are their market knowledge, if you are buying or investing in areas you are not familiar with. Another is the MLS or Multiple Listing Services, which is used by all other real estate agents or brokers in the business. Because most properties are sold through the MLS and the majority of buyers work through a local real estate agent or broker. Just make sure whoever you choose to build a business relation or alliance, that they are competent and experienced and can guide you through the paperwork and through the complecated terms of real estate.

Either way you choose is up to you. Just remember if you are flipping the property, you need to buy and sell fast. Having someone assist you in either end, will always improve your system. Good luck playing Real Monopoly.

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