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Recovery Block – work on You!

Posted by RuyM on May 28, 2018
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Any mechanical machines running at 100% will eventually burn out if not stopped and properly maintenance. Same happens to us.
So what is the Recovery Block. Recovery block is time blocked off from everything else to work on you… Get that much need it rest to re-energize your Entrepreneur mindset. It’s time spent away from your business. Time for yourself, your family, your friends, and time to just relax…

The reason why Blocking time for Recovery is so important, because it gives you the opportunity to rest your mind and body. Helping expand your awareness, wellness and health. It is a great time to improve on Self-care and renewal of your goals, thoughts, and mission.

Some examples of what to doing your Recovery Block:

  • Strengthen your enhance and strengthen relationships with your love ones, wife, kids, parents, friends, and anyone you care for.
  • Self improvements by exercise, meditation, journaling, yoga, reading, or whatever rejuvenates your mind and spirit.
  • Take a vacation.  Go to a place you always wanted, get away from your day to day surroundings, visit a place you have never been.

So go and work on your Recovery Block, whatever it is, is ok, just remember the important goal of this task is YOU!

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