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Online Mining CryptoCurrency, Are you In?

Posted by RuyM on January 17, 2018
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If you follow me on social media, you may have seen me post “Constantly do #homework! #Knowledge is #Power and new #tech is constantly #evolving!“. And it cant be anymore truth in this, than in today’s blockchain technology. With the explosion of blockchain and its CryptoCurrency, entrepreneurs more than ever have an amazing opportunity to jump into an amazing technology with huge potentials…

I am sure if you are reading this post, you have also heard the news in every news network about Bitcoin [most popular], Ethereum, and Litecoin, just to name a few of the most traded online cryptocurrency exchanges like
With that said, I am pretty sure as a #Entrepreneur, #SmallBiz and/or #StartUp you have thought to yourself, how can I get involve. There is many ways to get involve, such as, opening an account with an online exchange, buying a mining hardware device, or even downloading any of this currencies and installing them on your computer to start mining. But you will soon notice, it is not easy…and if you are not really into programming or IT knowledge even harder.

The great news is, there is a much easier and faster way to get involve today! specially if you are a web developer or have your website already. Thanks to the team over at, you are able to adapt this great new technology into your websites, as easy as adding a Goggle Adsense code to monetize your content through ads. They have several methods you can start today to monetize your online content by utilizing cryptocurrency. The methods they provide are very easy for any wordpress user, web developer and/or programmer. As a serial entrepreneur and CEO, we have already implemented and launched  several of this online miners onto our online PaaS, and have seen great results. You can see them in action at, and

These useful online miners are a great way for any #Entrepreneur, #SmallBiz and #StartUps to get started, and start earning cryptocurrency from there online content.

I want to give thanks to our IT team over at for constantly providing us with great and amazing tools in the blockchain arena, as well as tools and assistance in creating, mining and developing cryptocurrency.

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