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Oldies, but Goodies…

Posted by RuyM on March 5, 2019
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As I start to clean out my hoffice closet, getting ready for the end of the first quarter and getting ready for the 2nd quarter hotness. I notice one of my old mortgage notebooks, and I don’t mean an iPad or smart device. I am talking about an actual notebook you write in… As I look in it, I get reminded of what I call today, my Prospecting and Selling Circa. A time period of my life during the mortgage boom in the mid-2000s. A time period where I worked the most outside sales and prospecting ever in my professional career.

The notebook I am speaking of is a notebook I used to call “My Money Making Activities or MMA book”. Every time I went to a seminar, network and/or had a power meeting, and learned a new prospecting tip, system or edge I would write it down. Every quarter I used to read through it and implement these ideas into current prospecting or new prospecting activities… Bellow, copy of one of the BMA or Business Marketing Alliance prospecting MMA system from the notebook:

Production Time
1- Market realtors & previous customers.
2- Every end of the day, plan for the next day.
3- Get more accounts! Get more accounts through already establish brokerage relations.
4- Create a system for maximum productivity.
5-Automate, increase speed.
6- Learn more products [Mortgages].
7- Put every customer, client, and realtor in an asset and investment category
8- Any brokerage alliance contact, respond asap!

1-Always gift to closing and camera to take the closing picture for follow up thank you note.
2- Schedule 1 per month lunch and learns with each brokerage alliance. Bring an item of value [Realtor MMA Systems] or always ask what they need?
3- For every realtor referral, give a handwritten note and follow the 6 steps contact.
4- Once a month contacts al realtors in the database.
5- Get together with realtors[after hours/happy hours] to set monthly goals.
6- Weekly send out mortgage update newsletter, with the mortgage hot products.
7- Do weekly caravans with different brokerage alliances.
8- Get roster list for all brokerage alliances and give a calendar gift to all realtors.
9- Constantly bring food to all brokerage alliances.
10- CoBrand with all realtors in every brokerage.

What a killer MMA system. This one set of steps it is guaranteed to increase your sales in any mortgage, insurance, real estate or sales position.

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