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Posted by RuyM on March 15, 2019
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As an entrepreneur, one of your main repeatable tasks should be constantly learning. We do not share the same luxury, an employee would have within big corporations, which have constant training implemented. For that reason, whatever industry, career or mission is within your entrepreneur life, you should never neglect the importance of constant learning and improving on that field or industry. You should read “Are Your Working on Development Time?“.

This doesn’t necessarily mean, just constant learning or training only in your field and/or industry, but also in areas or topics, you want to expand your knowledge and/or education in.

An oldie but an amazingly good tool… You should constantly use is Audible by Amazon. As many entrepreneurs do… I am constantly improving through reading. So if I can just have a minute longer, let me elaborate a bit… During my college circa in the late 90s, I had the pleasure of getting a great tip from one of the teachers at the time he said, “Buying books could become an expensive habit, magazine subscriptions could be a lot cheaper, as well as a constant update about a topic or industry.”. Since I must admit, I have honestly maintained doing both. I would buy a book on a subject I was learning or increasing knowledge on, and if I wanted to stay up to date with the specific topic or industry I would sign up for a newsletter.

With the increase in technology, specially in the internet today, the ability to get information and learning resources are endless. Today you can take an online course, signed up to a newsletter or use a subscription service.

This is where Audible by Amazon, could be a great tool for constant learning. You will hear this from every mentor, leader, or person of influence like Stephen R. Covey “Constantly read a book”. With a service like Audible, you can get this implemented in your daily routine very easily. Since the factor of setting the time to read the actual book is removed. With a service like Audible you have the book read to you, so you can continue to function as you would in your normal schedule. For example, in my case… just in the 1st quarter of 2019, I have heard/read 10 books. Compared to 1 or 2 books prior to using the service and the reason for the title of this post. Are you reading the book? No, but it is being read to you, achieving the same goal as if you read it. Providing a great source of knowledge and learning.

If you haven’t tried the Audible service by Amazon yet, you should try their FREE 30 day trial and listen to any book currently in your collection. You will be amaze how much more information you can get from the book. As well as the enjoyment of having it read to you by the author in most cases. Something only available to you before by traveling to especial book events where the author would participate in a reading.

In conclusion… Are you working on your development?

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