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Ruy Machado #RuyMachado

Entrepreneur | CEO
Be great at what you were born to be. It’s free and always will be!
Ruy Machado.

Hello my name is Ruy Machado, I am a real estate investor with 18+ years in Residential/Commercial Real Estate, Mortgage Lending and Construction Industry. During this period I have developed strong expertise in acquiring distressed real estate properties due to foreclosure, tax sale, probate and public auction. Where I expanded my expertise in rehabilitation, preservation and remodeling of real property in the construction industry. As well as strong property management, tenant management, due diligence, evictions, and resolution of such distressed properties to the point of liquidation. Involved in negotiating deed in lieu’s, short sales, loan modifications, resolution of clouded title; as well as take part in originating and procedural aspects of private and commercial lending.

This broad experience in the real estate, construction and lending industry has allowed me to become a strong professional, with key skills and strengths in real estate investments.

As a full time real estate investor, I have purchased, listed, originated, wholesaled, fixed, flipped, rented and managed hundreds of properties.  An active real estate investor who is involve in the daily operations of acquiring, fixing and flipping properties as well as managing a portfolio of rental properties.

Founder and CEO of Urban Equity Group USA Inc., a real estate investment company focus on helping property owners find fast solutions & resolution for problems whether it be facing foreclosure or just need to sell their property fast.  Providing relocation assistance when ever possible.

We then rehab, remodel and convert the properties acquired back to safe and secure properties.  Helping neighborhoods sustain home values and prevent crime, otherwise caused by abandon properties.  Once completed, we manage and dispose of these properties as real estate opportunities for affordable housing, first time home buyers and investors looking to collect consistent cash flow while waiting for future capital appreciation.

I hope this brief shared information gives you an understanding of who I am and purpose of this website, I invite you to read further details on  I hope you enjoy the content of my site and find it useful.

So in conclusion, Be great at what you do. It’s free and always will be! and Let’s make the world a better place!
Stay humble, but NEVER lose your hunger!
Enjoy and God bless.

Ruy Machado

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