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Employers & Brokers: Fla. launches workers’ comp website

Posted by RuyM on March 18, 2017
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To help Florida business owners secure workers’ compensation coverage, the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation launched an online insurance company database called the Coverage Assistance Program (CAP).

This new database allows employers to search for insurance companies that are actively offering workers’ compensation policies for their industry type.

“Employers can use the information provided in the CAP to inform conversations with their insurance agents and to help facilitate a smoother, faster policy purchasing process,” says Tanner Holloman, Director of the Division of Workers’ Compensation.

The Division of Workers’ Compensation’s goal is to make sure injured workers have adequate access to timely medical care, that claims are adjusted and reimbursed, and that health care providers are compensated fairly. The Division also aims to provide the necessary resources to help participants remain in compliance with Florida workers’ compensation laws.

To access the Coverage Assistance Program, visit the CAP website. The search code for real estate agencies and real estate appraisal companies is 8721.

The division adds one caveat to the search: It says that the results don’t always guarantee that an insurance company will provide coverage to a specific business since each insurer has its own underwriting criteria.

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