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Converting more leads to sales

Posted by RuyM on October 19, 2018
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As a real estate investor, I am constantly searching for new deals… These new deals come from several sources of marketing and prospecting systems. The better you are at converting the leads or referrals received the higher the potential to get a customer or client. But it all start with building a great managing system, that includes Customer Relationship Manager [CRM], automated tasking, drip marketing and good phone follow up. Conversion is key!. The secret is constantly be in contact with the potential leads or referrals…

A great PaaS and/or online service which can be used for the begging of your business and very scalable as your business grows is Podio by Citrix.

Podio can be utilize as a Customer Relationship Manager, Project Management, Drip Marketing and so much more. And with the capabilities to share and collect information through API and Apps online, the possibilities are endless.

So take control of your real estate investing business today with this free and amazing tool

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