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Commit to Your Future

Posted by RuyM on June 19, 2018
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The first thing any person or individual who wants to be or become an Entrepreneur is, have your end in mind. I strongly believe in this. If you do not know where you going, you will never arrive. Visualize your entire future and work towards it.

Once you have a clear vision of your goals and the future you want to create for yourself, go for it! Changing your mindset takes commitment. Make a contract with yourself to focus, every day, on doing whatever it takes to make it…

Instead of focusing on non-productive and self-destructive questions on how long it will take, how hard you will have to work, instead focus on the little steps that will actually help you get a routine. Once you have your routine down and it becomes more as a habit, keep growing from there, with daily actions focus in getting you closer to your goals.

Do not stress the little things… a long path, always has different routes and your end goal, might change several times through the journey. This is ok, as the closer we get to our goal, we sometimes realize our goals were set to low, too high, to broad, etc…. As an example… When I started my entrepreneur adventure, I started as a freelancer producing multimedia for major corporations. Once I got comfortable and got more experience with contracts, agreement, and business in general, I founded my first corporations, which still our creative backbone VenezArt Dev Studio. As my entrepreneur spirit kept growing, my end goal was still the same, but the vehicle to get me there kept changing… Fast forward to today, I have founded several corporations, I have build teams, grew into a different industry and changed many hats. But the commitment to get it done, it’s what is getting me closer to my end result. Even though it wasn’t the original set goal and the end result. I have accomplished and experience more than what I could ever imagine back then.

But what matters the most in my success, was the commitment I took on my set goals, and even when things didn’t look that promising. I never gave up and stayed committed.

So, stay committed to your future!

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