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Are you working on your Development Time?

Posted by RuyM on June 15, 2018
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Just like software, needs updates…  Entrepreneurs need to constantly take time not just improving their own professional skills, but also their businesses.   Taking time to develop new systems, analyse new technology to improve performance, is a must.

Development Time, is the time spent working on your business.  Its time away from phones, appointments, and/or executive work.  Away from your team, office and colleagues. It’s time spent in planning, organizing, strategizing, and improving your business system.

Try to focus on :

  • Systems – Creating and structuring systems, which help your business be more efficient.  Focus in automation and delegation.  Making systems which will ultimately allow your business to run effectively without you there.
  • Skills – Focus on essentials that make your business different.   The skills that contribute to your business refer-ability and the value it brings to your customers and/or clients.
  • Coaching – Every professional athlete and/or highest performers have a coach.  Your business shouldn’t be any different, take time to sit with an expert in your business industry,and  discuss ideas about your business ideas, formula, business plan and renew business motivation to move forward.
  • Leadership – For your business to prosper, you must provide training, coaching, and education to your business employees.

As you commence working on your Business Development, try to work with the end in mind.  Whats your business ultimate goal and mission, as well as where do you see your self at the end of that vision.

Whatever it is, is ok!

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