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Are you running your network efficiently?

Posted by RuyM on November 14, 2017
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Like computer networks, the more efficient your router, token rings, wiring and WiFi the better your business network will work… same goes to your daily prospecting and networking for leads… So many times I hear people ask me ” How are you able to grow your business so fast and get clients calling you so efficiently“. I can honestly say, it is all in my networking.   During my Loan Originating days, this was a key method to my daily prospecting…
Unlike my colleagues who believed in staying in the office writing letters, cold calling, etc…[ Not to say these techniques do not work].   I found it a huge benefit, that we actually didn’t have to stay in the office and we can be out there networking… I would visit every Chamber of Commerce in my Farming Areas… visit Builders, visit Real Estate Brokerages and always tried to be available and to attend any small, medium or large gathering event.

I believed the more people I can meet and network with would eventually become a large and strong network of mind like individuals which can share leads and prospects through networking… Just like many big National leads group like BNI.

I became a master, at networking, follow ups, elevator speeches and sales techniques… Making sure you constantly improve your networking and network, will guarantee a successful and efficient business flow of leads…

Below are several tips to get your networking up and running:

  • Practice.  Networking gets easier if you work on it, so try role playing.  If you tend to talk more than listen, practice staying silent.  If you have trouble breaking the ice with people, practice breaking the ice before any actual networking event.  Don’t lead off with talk about your business.   Let the person you’re talking to get to know you as a person before you start telling them about your business.
  • Make a goal.   Have a target in mind before attending an event of how many contacts you want to make. Keep pushing yourself to meet new people until you have reached that goal.
  • Jot down reminders on business cards.   You don’t want to forget your conversation with the other person, which can be easy to do if you talk to 10 different people.   After you receive a person’s business card, take some time after the conversation ends to write a few reminders about what you discussed. The notes will help trigger your memory after the event and will help you make more personal and meaningful follow-ups.
  • Follow up.   Don’t make the mistake of appearing to be overly aggressive by adding the person as a social media contact seconds after meeting her.  But don’t wait a week either.   Wait until the day after you meet someone to send a connection request or follow up.

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