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5 smart ways to protect your data

Posted by RuyM on October 12, 2018
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Real estate is a very public profession, but there are precautions you can take to protect your privacy. Here are five useful ways to protect your data online and on social media platforms:

  1. Know the people you friend – Don’t accept friends or follow request from everyone.  If you do not know them personally, don’t accept.  Remember the more connections, the harder it will be to control your privacy.
  2. Close unused accounts – Any unattended accounts can be the perfect target for a security and privacy breach.
  3. Select private profiles for maximum control – If you use social media for work purpose, consider 2 accounts a private person and a more public business one.
  4. Use Strong Passwords – With new technology like LastPass and Google Password feature, it is easier to keep track of all of your passwords and increase security.  Using 2 step security can increase even more security.
  5. Don’t opt into everything – Accepting opt-ins with our reading carefully the privacy policy, can be the easiest way you can be giving your information and privacy away.

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